Ke$ha Has the Hots for Gaga!

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When you're talking about Ke$ha, you know things are gonna get weird. The outrageous singer definitely comes out with some wild and crazy things, and going public about a recent dream she had does not disappoint. Even though she's never met mega superstar (and her #1 competition in the music biz) Lady Gaga, she confessed recently to having a dream where the two were making out! She tells Q mag “Oh my god, last week I dreamt that I was a pre-school kid making out with Lady Gaga! That woke me up.”We aren't sure how Lady Gaga would take this dream, especially since the two have not properly met, but we doubt Gaga would be thrilled about dream-kissing Kesha! Some things should definitely be kept to yourself... this dream was one of them, ew!

Kesha Bikini: Yay or Nay?

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NAY!! Wow, viewers beware, you  may want to look away. Kesha was snapped frolicking a beach in Australia recently wearing one of the most disgustinig bathings suits we have ever seen. The suit was a black two piece, and while the top was rather normal the bottoms were these humongous granny pantie-style bottoms with criss cross dominatrix-like cutouts on the sides of her thighs. We're not sure if Kesha just hid it well before, or if she gained some weight, but she is definitely not looking good these days. I think this bikini was an attempt wear something that rode up high to hide her gut, but I'm pretty sure it just accentuated it. We've all seen Kesha's nude pics, and she looked way better nude than she does with this bathing suit on! Somebody  needs to burn that bathing suit, immediately.

Kesha's a Songwriter!

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Who knew that Kesha was the one who whote the lyrics to Spears's new song 'til the world ends'? We sure didn't, but Kesha claims that she is first and foremost a songwriter and her passion for music manifests itself the best through the lyrics she writes. Spears should be very greatful, since nowadays she can't seem to sing or write her own lyrics. Hooray for Kesha! So does this mean Kesha writes all the lyrics for her own songs? And what's next for the 24-year old popstar, perhaps a collaboration between herself and Spears written by her? Stay tuned to see what's next for the wild and wacky Kesha!

Kesha 'Blow' Music Vid

The people who created the music video for Ke$ha's pop hit 'Blow' definitely could have taken the theme in a dirty direction, but instead they put the usual wacked our Kesha twist and created a really f-ed up product. This music video is completely bizarre, kind of like Kesha herself. The video is messed up from the beginning, starting off with the message "No mythological creatures were harmed in the making of this video". This video makes you feel like you did one too many magical mushrooms, and without getting into all the psychadelic details we are going to break it down for you. The basis for the video is a battle between Kesha and her archenemy, played by James van Der Beek (yeah, we thought that was a weird choice too). The fight includes unicorns being shot, lasers being fired, and rainbows bursting from chests, but don't worry Kesha fans, she wins in the end. Yeah, told you it was weird.

Kesha Puts on a Show

When you pay for tickets to a Ke$ha show, you won't leave disappointed. Like most popstars these days, her shows are filled with raunchy sexual content and tons of innuendo, but hey, who doesn't love that kind of stuff. Parents you say? Well, they are warned at the beginning of the show. Everyone knows Kesha is a songwriter (has written for both Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears) but who knew she could also DJ? She's known to get behind the DJ decks a few times during her show to show off a different skill set she possesses. Although Kesha always looks a fool, with her blue lipstick and dazzling outfits, she puts out great energy to her fans watching and is a great performer at heart.

Kesha to Blast Out Custom Condoms

Wild pop diva Kesha is planning to shower the crowds at her concerts with custom made Kesha condoms featuring her face... Interesting.  So pretty much thousands of guys will be blowing their stuff on her face, in their customized condoms.  Weird.  Kesha said she signed a deal with Lifestyle condoms to promote safe-sex.  Safe sex it is... maybe one of you will end up with a special edition Kesha condom??

Kesha Muff Diving

Kesha's latest scandal includes just released photos of the singer muff diving with a male friend of hers. The graphic picture shows a guy eating Kesha out, and an up close and personal look at her pussy. These photos are allegedly part of a set of sexy pics that were released last summer showing Kesha doing compromising things with some guy. Apparantly Kesha is a freak on stage and a freak in bed. Check out the picture of Kesha muff diving below!

Kesha at VMAs

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Fans will be able to see Kesha at the VMAs this Sunday. The award show is put on by MTV, and apparantly Kesha was cut as a performer but will be a presenter. Kesha is also currently in the studio recording a deluxe edition of her album 'Animal' and the new songs will be out this November. Hopefully Kesha is wearing something daring that shows off a little skin this Sunday to give the viewers some eye candy!

Kesha's Nude Photos have been Leaked!

Kesha, otherwise known as Ke$ha, is a brand new sexy popstar, topping the charts with her 2009 hit Tik Tok. The young diva is said to be the up and coming Britney Spears of the decade and it remains to be seen how big she will get. Kesha got her start singing a catchy tune to Flo Rida's single Right Round. With the spotlight comes unexpected photos, and lucky for us Kesha has nude photos floating around for all of us to enjoy!

Check out the latest leaked pictures of Kesha topless and nude with splooge on her boobs. According to the leak, the pictures show Kesha getting down and dirty with a man, and end with a splat of man juice on Kesha's chest. Enjoy Kesha nude!

kesha nude

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Sexy Kesha on her back. This one is going to be the next Lady GaGa!

Kesha Upskirt

Kesha upskirt photo, we're sure more of these will be in the pipeline!

Kesha Sex Tape? Click to Watch!!